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A little bored with this social distance?

Some photos to capture this time of quarantine could be great, it will be a space to disconnect from reality and enjoy a different experience. No matter where you are.

TRIO 4.jpg
Buenos Aires, Argentina
trio 2.jpg
Orlando, USA
trio 1.jpg
Orlando, USA
trio 3.jpg
Quito, Ecuador
trio 5.jpg
Quito, Ecuador
trio 6.jpg
Barcelona, Spain
trio laura.jpg
San Lorenzo, Paraguay
trio gaby.jpg
Quito, Ecuador
trio vale.jpg
Iguala, Mexico

"Taking the photoshoot in this way was an excellent new experience, at all times we felt very comfortable with Víctor, in addition the was very friendly and professional, patiently suggesting and indicating the poses foreach of the shoots, thus achieving beautiful photos. Thank you very much, we are happy with the results!!".

- Laura, Paraguay

"This is not a photoshoot like any other. It is completely different because the focus of everything is on experience. In addition to this, Víctor is a professional in every way, the photos were not only very good but the treatment he had during the session was incredible.".

- Marina, Barcelona, ESP

"It was awesome, an experience doing this in quarantine with locations that you have in your same house".

- Diego, drummer, Minimal Bitz, ECU

"Excellent professional. He managed to capture very good photos from different angles. The session was very dynamic and the photos were great. Thank you!".

- Nico, Buenos Aires, ARG

"I really liked the experience, despite the difficult times we went through. I highly recommend this type of photoshoot as it allows you to receive a good job from the comfort and security of your home".

- Sarahí, Quito, ECU

"I thought it was impossible to achieve a photoshoot for my daughters in these days of Covid 19 but foto hibou did it! Between laughter and expectation in 30 minutes spontaneous photos were captured that exceeded my expectation 👌 Recommended 100%".

- Cristina, Orlando, USA

What you need is to have an Iphone 6 (or higher) or Ipad, a good internet connection, places with good natural lighting at home and a sense of adventure!


The cost of each session is 20 usd.  

Once the payment is made, we contact you to set the day and time of your session.


Write us for more information.

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